A Foolish Fox

>> 24 April 2012

A cunning fox was moving around a village in search of food. It was dark but he easily located the chicken-shed and examined the place in detail. He found a stray hen sleeping outside the shed. She could not enter the shed as the careless servant had closed it before the hen could reach it. The fox got ready to pounce upon the hen. Awakened by the movement of the fox, the hen opened her eyes. She felt that her end was sure and so made a last attempt to save her life. She begged to the fox, "Sir, I am ready to die and be your food, but kindly grant my last wish before killing me."

                        The fox asked her angrily, "Be quick. What do you want?" The hen pleaded, "I know that you are the best singer in the forest. I wish to hear your melodious music before I breathe my last." The fox was flattered. He sat on his legs, opened his mouth gracefully and started to howl happily, enjoying the melody of his music  by moving his hands rhythmically in the air. A few moments passed and hearing the howl, all the dogs in the area rushed to the scene and sprang upon the fox. He fled for his life at top speed. The chickens in the shed praised the presence of mind, ingenuity and courage of the hen. Intelligence combined with innocence leads to success in life.

© By: Dr. Babu Philip, Professor, Cochin University of Science & Technology, Fine Arts Avenue, Kochi-682016, Kerala, India. For more moral stories, parables and anecdotes for students, catechists, teachers and preachers, kindly visit my web-site: http://www.moralstorieschristian.blogspot.com

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